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Rogue Resolutions are specialists in providing integrated solutions for neuroscience. We bring together and combine technologies and techniques for neuroscience research, through a comprehensive and flexible range of products for brain stimulation and brain imaging including: Brainsight TMS Navigation; DuoMAG TMS; TMS / tDCS compatible EEG; neuroConn tDCS; Brainsight NIRS and Smart Eye eye tracking.


All solutions provided by Rogue Resolutions are compatible with other systems and can be configured to meet the exact specifications you need to successfully conduct robust, credible, replicable and cutting edge neuroscience research.

Latest News

11 Aug
Neuroscience in Action: Cyclone24

We are excited to be participating in Cyclone24; a 24hr velodrome challenge that tests strength, determination and team spirit.

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27 May
The backwards bicycle and interesting insight into brain plasticity and learning….

….your brain cannot handle this.

Here's a universal truth we can all depend on, "it's like riding a bike". Everyone who's been given the opportunity to learn how to ride a bike knows how to do it and never forgets. Sure, some of us might struggle to get back into the swing of things if we haven't touched a bike for 30 years or so, but the knowledge is still there. So what happens when you tweak a bicycle ever so slightly, but in a way that forces the rider's brain to completely adjust not only what it knows about riding a bike, but also how it understands the action?

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12 May
Paired-Pulse TMS Comparison of pulse waveforms.

The responses to single and paired-pulse stimulation has been shown to be dependent on the pulse waveform (Sommer et al, 2006), which will differ slightly between manufacturers. As new models enter the market it is important to examine their efficacy, to assess the comparability of trials and clinical interventions performed with different apparatus.

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