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Rogue Resolutions Ltd provides you with fully integrated solutions for neuroscience. A comprehensive and flexible range of products for brain stimulation and brain imaging including: Brainsight TMS Navigation; DuoMAG TMS; TMS / tDCS compatible EEG; neuroConn tDCS; Brainsight NIRS and Smarteye eye tracking.


Our solutions are compatible with other systems and can be configured to meet the exact specifications you need to successfully conduct your research.

Latest News

19 Mar
cTMS the next innovation in TMS

Some interesting developments from the recent Brain Stimulation 2015 conference in Singapore in the field of controllable TMS (cTMS) the next true innovation in TMS. cTMS is a new device that gives the user the ability to define pulse shape, pulse duration and pulse directionality.

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5 Jan
fNIRS: The In-Between for Brain Activity in Real-World Settings

Imagine driving in a simulator while undergoing an fMRI. No, you won’t be lying down — this is not your typical large, chamber-like scanner. An instrument called functional near-infrared spectroscopy, or fNIRS, is using a smaller, more portable design to record brain activity in more real-world settings.

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20 Oct
Rogue Resolutions proud sponsors of 1st Brain Stimulation 2015 conference.

This international meeting, organised by Elsevier and sponsored by and integrated with the journal Brain Stimulation: Basic, Translational, and Clinical Research in Neuromodulation, will be the first ever brain stimulation meeting with integration of all of the various techniques and subspecialties involved in this exciting field.

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